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Printable 12% off coupon for Best Buy


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I'm going to post this again and see what kind of response I get.


Do you think I can use this coupon with the offer of opening a BB Credit card with no interest until 2010?




PS, I tried to call the store and ask them directly, but I was on hold for over 15 minutes, no one ever picked up.

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thanks for this great coupon we went today and got the man of the house his gift the 32" lcd tv and saved 71.99 on the deal plus joined the rewards program to get 10.00 back later. I am always so happy to use a coupon on such a big purchase!!! To make the hoildays brighter for others we printed an extra coupon to give as a surprise to someone else in the store, a couple looking at a tv that was priced @2499. was almost speechless when i gave it to them and said Merry Christmas!!!! Love to share the great deal i find on here.
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I ended up using this coupon as well. If the deal with the coupon is better than the instant savings, then you can use it, but only on the regular price. We ended up buying a 42 inch plasma, samsung. Reg price was $1699.00, $1499.00 after instant savings, so it wasn't a better deal to use the coupon on the tv. I did however us it on the home theater system which saved me over $30.00. The guy was really cool and he faked a price match from circuit city for us, for $1301.00, plus 10%. We used our rewards card and earned about $60.00 in rewards as well. So, it pays to find a younger salesman who you can befriend and they will hook you up. They don't work on commission, so they don't really care about giving you the higher prices. :yup:
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