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itunes cards-Costco/Target/Best Buy


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Shopped yesterday for last minute items-Costco has $50 itunes card for $44.99 instore and same price online with 50 cents s&h.

Target has a buy 2 featured cd's and get a $15 itunes card free. Remember, if you buy itunes cards in the cd department at Target-they have at least 10 different card with artists pictured on the cards. If you buy one of these-you get a free download by that artist. The song that is free is named on the itunes card. I picked up the "Black Eyed Peas" for my nephew. There were also Jewel, Dixie Chicks, and others.

The $25 itunes cards at Target had free "extra" about the pictured person or a free show episode. Target also has the plain itunes car, but why not get an extra download by getting a pictured card.

For the last few weeks, Best Buy has had an instore-buy 2 featured cd sets, get a $15 itunes card free-I did this a couple of weeks ago-saw it last week instore but don't know if Best Buy is still doing this.

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What are the featured cd at Target for the free gift card?

Off the top of my head some are Rascal Flatts, Nirvana, and All American Rejects. At least those were some of the featured ones a couple of months ago. I can make a list of featured cds as well as the artist iTunes cards tomorrow if anyone wants me to.

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