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what tv from Best Buy-Help!!!

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Ok I have a dilemna,I know nothing about televisions.


I won the HD Done right contest(1st place) which entailed winning a Samsung LCD 40'' tv which was worth $2500.I was really happy.


Long story short- they substituted a Best Buy $2500 gift card instead.This is a xmas gift for DH so please help me find the right tv-good quality for the money-big screen- no plasma as I have heard would need installation and they get hot (I have 2 babies). I got the gc today so am ready to shop!

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Lucky you.


I would vote for the panasonic PX60 Plasma 42 inch. This is a top-rated TV in Consumer reports. Make Best Buy match the Circuit City price (~ $1200). Also, there are lots of other 'rebates' at Best Buy for delivery and other stuff that you need to look at.


Secondly, spend some of the $$ on a Home Theater system. Best Buy was (and I think still is) offering a free wireless receiver with the Panasonic Home Theater systems. There is a compatiblility advantage buying the same brand TV and Home Theater system in terms of the remote control compatibilities (a minor issue).


Don't forget the Stand!


Lastly, you could probably use a new computer...



If you cannot spend it all, let me know.....

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