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Help me with teen girls!

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Hi all!


I have four teenaged nieces! My daughters are little so I have no idea what to get them. I've already spent too much this year so I am looking for little fluff gifts like perfume or spa sets or anything girly or 'cool' that is fairly inexpensive as I have to buy everything TIMES FOUR!! :eyepoppin


Buying online is good too. I need your help because I'm so swamped with year end reports at work and am behind in my work due to online shopping for the last two weeks LOL. If anyone has any ideas please point me in the right direction! :o

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Also sephora has a limited quantites section with really cheap stuff you can toss into a bag and if you loo around they ALWAYS have codes for things. If you spend 75 or more you get free shipping. Last time I got free shipping and found a code for about 10-15 dollars off. Plus you usually get to pick out free samples.


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