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Circuit City has the Fly Pen items 25% off- free shipping over $24


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Thanks to another poster, I took advantage of Circuit City today for their Fly Pen items. Right now everything is 25% off and everything is in stock. Free shipping if you spend $24 or more OR if your Circuit City is in stock you can pick up free at the store. Item is free if they don't have it ready within 24 minutes.

The Hard to Find 8.5 x 11 notebook of paper is only $7.49. Its Sold Out at all the other sites. Just a heads up to stock up and save. The Fly Through Algebra is only $18.49! That is soooo cheap. I was on the email list from etoys when it came back in stock at the $26 price. The Fly Through Spelling is also at the $18 price. No ink refills though. Hope this helps as I know so many of us Gottadealers took advantage of the Bundle.

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