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The store manager indicated that each coupon has a unique code. In the link above it's: "Coupon Code: 9766229622678662". It has to be tied somehow into the bar code because after the cashier scanned the coupon and it came up on the terminal that it already had been used. It seems strange that each coupon can only be used once, but that's the story I got.


golf2much (just ask my wife)

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I used it today on scotch tape!

When the cashier scanned it, the message said something that the coupon can only be used once, but the cashier saw that the date was still valid and couldn't understand why it wasn't working...she called to ask for an override and the manager did it without a problem for me.

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I just got back from Staples while shopping out of town and those clerks were not happy campers. My friend and I printed out the $5 coupon and it showed up on their computer as already used. The clerk said she wouldn't take it. I said I hadn't used it before and they could check my Staples reward account. She called a mgr over and he approved it. Then my friend tried to use her coupon and the clerk got even madder and called a different mgr over who promptly gave us a lecture that he would honor it this time but never again.... So, good luck everyone but be warned that it needs a manager to override it.
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