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Pet smart free personalization and free shipping


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Here's how it works:

Click the "purchase dog bed" button above and add the dog bed to your shopping cart.

Enter code PERKS12 (all caps) in the Coupon Code field of your shopping cart to get the free personalization and free shipping.




I hope this is usefull to someone!!

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Actually,I recently purchased for my Zeke (dog) a big ong pillow from Target. It is actually intended for humans but great for dogs too, I found. He hasn't destroyed that one yet. He looks so cute lying on it. I will have to show you all a picture some time...maybe when they let me post a custom avitar
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you know we bought two for our dogs and they had like cedar or something in the dog bed, well one of the dogs chewed it up, we had stuff everywhere, well I called the vet cause it was like he wasn't feeling good, they told us to watch him but to also empty all the other stuff out of the other dog bed and fill it with batting or something else, old towels..etc. He said that whatever they put in dog beds dogs most dogs will end up eatting them.


Now I'm not saying this is totally true but it was for us.


We also tried a blanket and our dog that ate the dog pillow then used his blanket for his potty needs...so now he doesn't have anything in there.

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