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Talk About A Price Error! Omg!

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I was in the online deal section, and saw the link for the Friday sale at amazon for the flannel sheet sets for $10.99, so I clicked on it...anyway, I decided to look and see if there were any camcorder deals. WELL..OMG my hands are shaking. :)


Sony HandyCam DCR-DVD403 Digital Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom, 120x Digital Zoom


Technical Details

3.3-megapixel gross CCD imager with a large 1/3-inch advanced HAD (hole accumulation diode) CCD provides stunning detail and clarity with exceptional video.

2.7-inch wide 16:9 hybrid touch panel LCD with recording and zoom buttons on the LCD frame. Enhanced 16:9

10x optical zoom with digital image stabilization. 120x Digital Zoom. 2.7inch LCD Screen Size.

Visual index uses a simple chapter menu to display your video footage and provide a quick search of your favorite scenes or still pictures without the hassle of wading through endless tape. Just choose your chapter and watch. Professional-quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens precision guarantees a crisp and clear image every time.

DVD-R/-RW/+RW-compatible, and with DVD-RW and DVD+RW you can rerecord more than 1,000 times on a single disc. Super NightShot plus uses infrared light to let your camcorder record images in colour in total darkness.





There was only one. $11.95 and $18.45 for shipping. Am I missing something?? I re-read and re-read then I just went and ordered it before someone else saw it. Think it's for real or did I screw up somewhere???


I've been wanting to get a camcorder for my son and his girlfriend, but having been waiting to see if any good deals popped up. So even if it isn't what I thought, it's only $30.00 out.

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That's OK! When I originally started checkout, I backed up and tried to order 2. (One for myself), even though I knew it said there was only one. But the page came up and said there was only one available.


I just hope this goes through! If it does then I can go ahead and get them a DVD recorder. They only have a player, and neither one of their computers have a DVD burner. My walmart still has a bunch of recorders for $79.00.

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consider yourself very lucky and your son as well. Let us know if you get it. I am sure that the rest of us are going to be searching Amazon high and low for other great deals:)


:) I won't consider myself lucky until I have it in hand!! I think if it would have been directly through Amazon, it may have slid by because there was only one. But since this is a smaller seller, I am sure that it will be caught and the order cancelled. But I am still holding out hope.

The retail from what I have seen is around $1000.


I keep checking my email for a cancellation, but I guess it is a little too soon for that. I will be sure to let everyone know what happens.

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Wow, awesome find (why can't that ever happen to me lol) Hope it works out and you get it, keep us posted!

It NEVER happens to me. :confused: Even when there is a really HOT deal posted, by the time I get there it is dead. That's why I KNOW it's gonna get cancelled. It was just a fluke, and only because I went to look at the $10.99 flannel sheets. (Which by the way I didn't order because I got all excited about the camcorder.)

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It could!! I actually ordered 3 bluetooth headsets from Amazon one time - they were listed as $0.00 (automatically - no rebates!!!). Anyway, I actually received them! I couldn't believe it when they sent me the email saying they had shipped!! Maybe you will get lucky!! Keep your fingers crossed!:D
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Well I just got home from work, checked my email and this is what I found


Greetings from Amazon.com,


We're sorry, but the following order from Wall Street Photo has been



We apologize for any inconvenience.






1 of Sony HandyCam DCR-DVD403 Digital Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom, 120x

Digital Zoom [Dolby] (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000I7XUZ2)


Your credit card was not charged for the order. To view your transaction

status online, please visit:


http://www.amazon com/gp/css/history/view.html


Thank you for shopping at Amazon.com.



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