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I Want to Thank Circuit City


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It seems like Best Buy is the Cool and Hip Store so everybody goes there.But I Grew up going to Circuit City and it has always came through for me.Whenever I Buy something for a Computer it seems I get it from You.


Growing up I always went to the Speaker Room where it was Enclosed in Glass and you could just Jam the Hell out of the Speakers.And as a Kid that was really Cool.


Last Night was no Different.Not too many People because everybody was over at The Hip and Cool Best Buy.But you came through for us Old Girl.


Keep it up.:thumbsup:

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CC was pretty cool today, the reps were very friendly and helpful when passing out the vouchers and when the store opened. They also provided us with coffee, donuts, little debbie cakes, and chick-fil-a chicken biscuits just before opening.


Only complaint was the lines when checking out, too many reps standing around after the initial rush of questions and not enough registers open.

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If CC is reading this, I also want to thank you. Your employees in the Appleton, WI store were friendly both at 2am when they started chatting with everyone in line and making sure we all knew what was going on - as well as at 3pm today when I had to go back in to get a few things taken care of. The employees told me they all volunteered for a 20 hour shift - and they still had smiles on their faces and were giving service that was leaps and bounds better than any other store we went to on BF.


My only suggestion is to put up stantions so that the people who show up five minutes before the store opens and end up pushing and cutting their way into the store in front of those who had been waiting all night, don't have a way in.

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I see Brad deleted a thread by an unhappy buyer but I wanted to post a positive reply/be the good guy.....


Good experience at CC here in Richmond, VA. We had to show up at 7:30 the evening prior, and were #2 in line. Police were cruising through every hour and questioned the two college kids we had with us-nothing harrasing-just asked for them to stay along the sidewalk with us. By 2am the line was over 100. Accross the street a BB, the line was already 100+ by 7pm the nite before, and we kept musing over how their lot would continue to grow & grow and the hours wore on. Most people slept in the 35 degree weather 'till at least 3am. Associates showed by 3am, the store was bustling with over 30 of them by 4am, all avoided eye contact with us untill a wheelchair bound lady showed at around 3:30am. But with apoligies from us all, we explained that she should have come earlier (gut wrencher).


Vouchers were issued over a :15min period starting at 4am (am guessing that at least 10 per item) By this time the line was over 450 people long, and most hard-core folks here in the front were getting concerned, talking about recent horror stories/bum rushing over chaos just the weeks prior. The 20-something crowd in line started mumbling about retaliation in the case of..... I had to verbally restrain some folks behind us from lowering themselves to verbal abuse with just a few polite reminders on civility. By 4:30am one of the folks who had waited in line was actually an undercover security man for CC! who made his presence known, was recognized by the associates who opened the door (slightly) and started identifying the increasing number of folks that were within a 30 yard range of the store doors (yep-there was a bum-rush planned. Two larger associates and an assistant mgr then posted themselves outside, and successfully (well at least till I got in-don't know what happened after) detered any/all with the strong statement that they would not be allowed in unless they were in line.


As far as "disorganization" I expected it would turn into such within the first :45 minutes (long lines for the 08 checkout counters, etc...). My only problem was my large cart couldn't navigate around two displays, but I kept on the bright side and apologized to all, let some folks skip by me, and everyone stayed civil.


I forgot to pickup my free camera, an associate ran over to me and reminded me (I must've made a good impression when I first walked in the door earlier & loudly thanked everyone for being there to serve us and immediately started asking for help).

I made all my purchases at one line, lap/desk/dvdr/sd/ 19"monitor/and TV. (Keep in mind the lap & desk were seven boxes and smaller items alone). And I would have insisted to purchase in that one line if needed. (I did goof and say 'geek squad - but apologized, then told em to to take the th 25th of December off)


Couple of 'broad assumptions: (common sense and a wrist-slap)

/If you thought you were to get a refund on previous items this morning... 'here's your sign.

/If your store's associates/mgrs did not handle things properly, every time... 'here's your sign. (We are human, in any case of gross negligence? I would've called or contacted regional managers by now).

/Overcharging? I would have been monitoring every single ringup on the register, before signing. BUT, in the case above of having to go to another line to obtain a refund? I would've refused to move (maybe move if escorted). But if you didn't do your research prior, to include this very common calamity- here's your sign. (feel for ya though).

/If you think that stores should have had more quantities of doorbuster items, then you should have made more effort to be in line earlier, all equals out. They are a business, or they'll be hanging a sign, "closed.out of business,....".

/If you made a 'recon of the store the days prior, (how many registers, asked what is going to be the method of madness....or even just asked questions from associates or people around you PRIOR to 5am, great. If you didn't and expected elevator music and ascension above it all with total bliss & magic - here's your sign.

-If you though checkout was going to be a speedy process, (meaning no,-you dont have to wait for those 25+rebate forms & rebate receipts to print out) - here's your sign.


(Smile) Over $3k spent at CC, with rebates hanging out there for the next 90 days. And yessssss they'll get my business again.


Bellingham, WA though that started a 'rant, whew, you got 'hosed, and that mgr, district mgr, and regional mgr better get a call from you AND they better make it right. Am looking forward to your post on CC's resolution!

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Thank you to CC...hah thank you for having one that is about it...


The checkout experience is about the WORSE EVER...so YES thank you for being so un-organized. The lady in front of me waited two hours for getting on Little Mermaid DVD, because she was not aware of PM. I told her BB is better any day of the week...


You could go through the BB line 3 times, go to TRU and be in line for a Wii and still come back and you may have moved an inch in the CC line...2 hours?!?!?!

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