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Wal-mart Blitz Laptop


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I think I seen it at a walmart in mn

I was walking in the electronics and there was a Compaq that said it was a package deal

Looked like it had a printer and like a wireless mouse with it. No price was posted

I will run there tomorrow and see if I can get more info the model number was like 5015vm-b or something like that.


Looked Just like the last blitz one which I have and then instead of the Sempron

it had a Turion 64 in it still all the other specs where the same just the different



I love this laptop with the correct adjustments it runs like a dream.

Only thing I have noticed is that it is not very sturdy built.

I had a toshiba and it was a tank this thing is like a Ford Ranger compared to it.

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Do you mean the v5305wm they had for $398? Please oh please be that one lower!!!!



Well I hope it is the v5305wm that would be great since I just took mine off layaway.

about a week ago. That would mean I can price adjust I hope anyway.

Anyone know if I could do this?

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