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Need ideas for DH


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My husband is so hard to shop for!


Last year he wanted an Ipod Nano and I drove myself crazy researching until I got him one. I joked to the friend who let me use her credit card to buy it (so he wouldn't know since it would show up on the bank statement as apple.com) that he would maybe use it 2 months. He only used it for one month. I showed him how to upload music to it, but he never would, and I didn't have the time or patience to do it. We listen to totally different music and pining him down on what song he wanted on it was impossible.


Also, our anniversary is November 23rd. Last year, I got him the Garth Brooks CD set (2 days late because of the release date). When I got a new car in June, and he took my old one, I found he had it in his old vehicle never opened. I'd bet it is still in the trunk of the car, still in the wrapping.


My husband works a lot. I thought he'd use the Ipod because his commute is roundtrip 2 hours. I even got him the car kit, but he just stopped using it. He did it before with a guitar he really wanted too...he only messed with it for a month or two.


He has plenty of work clothes, shoes, etc. He needs a few new pairs of jeans. That's all I've come up with. Our anniversary is Thursday, and I am clueless. Please help.


Oh, he is not into video games or playing sports/golf, etc. He works 60+ hours a week plus the commuting. He does like the Yankees. He would never actually go to the store to use a gift card. He does not shop very often. I've bought him stuff for the office, but he does not use it because although he is at the desk usually, others use it.


Does anyone have any ideas for him? I want to keep it below $50 each because that is what we agreed on this year because we just bought a house and have tons of improvements to do around here. I need a nice Christmas gift and an Anniversary one quick! Sorry this got a little long...just trying to explain the type of person I have to shop for!

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Wow, it sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

Would he listen to books on CD during his commute?

You said he likes the Yankees. How about Bomber Bucks (Yankees Gift Certificates) to be redeemed for game tickets. Or, if you don't live close enough to attend a game, how about Yankees gear. You can purchase from their website or try ebay.

You also said that you are doing work on your new home. Does he need tools? Power tools?

Good luck and happy anniversary.

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We are about 3 hours from NYC. He does go to see them when they play Baltimore on a Sunday, but he gets free tickets through his work. I might get him a new Yankees shirt. He really doesn't wear "street clothes" too often as he has to dress up for work. Last year, I got him a Yankees blanket that he does actually use often.


He has tools...that is one of the few things he will actually go to the store and purchase for himself! I always pick out the wrong thing or something he already has.


I don't know that he'd listen to books. I've never seen him actually read a book now that I think about it.


You think after 7 years, I would have an idea of what to get him! He always buys me really weird stuff that I have no use for. I told him I just want to forget about presents this year for each other, but he isn't having it!


Thanks for the ideas. :) I guess some jeans, a Yankees shirt and a CD or two would work. He did mention some CD, but I completely forgot who it was because I'd never heard of him. lol My oldest son wants to pick out a new tie for him again this year.

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My husband works alot too and we don't get alot of alone time without the kids. At Christmas the kids get him some small, usually random things (slippers, ties, book, CD)


Then sometime after Thanksgiving, we get our parents to watch the kids and we go out Christmas shopping where we pick out something we want, then maybe to a movie and dinner.


It's nice because you don't have to shop for them AND you get much better Christmas presents since you pick it out. My husband is not a shopper and would wander around stores and I would end up with stinky candles or a wall clock????? :yuck:


Just a suggestion.:D

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Maybe a small weekend trip? My husband loves those. I also got him a garage door opener and a digital camcorder. He liked the garage door opener best though... go figure. Once I got him a fish tank and he still sits and watches the fish swim back and forth. Now I've run out of ideas too for Christmas, it's so hard even when you think you know someone!
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LOL He actually bought me a wall clock one year for Christmas and wrapped it up. I was not happy!


I'd love a weekend trip...but I can't remember the last time he was even off on a Saturday. I think once in March. :( He was talking about getting a fish tank...but I know I'd be the one stuck with cleaning the tank!

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