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50% off any item at Chadwicks

Great Dane Mom

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Really good sale. I need some pants really bad and I think I found a good pair. I looked at the size chart and the hips seem HUGE though...what is your experience?


I am really junior cut but I can never find appropriate work pants in juniors. This place has 4 which are hard to find.

I wanted to know the same thing ~ I need 30 waist & the charts lists size 14! I'm usually a 6-8.

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I am new here,and this is my first post. I am amazed buy this place and all the good deals. I am constantly getting things from these stores and online merchants that I know someone could use. I hope someone here can use this Chadwick's Discount Voucher for 50% off your catalog order or you can use online @ chadwicks.com. There is an exception to using this and those items are charges,jewelry,bridal gowns, gift certificates,or purchases from a Chadwick's Catalog Outlet Store. The code is CH4302. When ordering online, you have to enter the promotion code in the promotion code box box in your shopping cart/bag before checking out. This coupon expires 12-21-2006.
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