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Can't access the shopping list


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Hi All,

I have not been able to access the shopping list even though I am logged in. I continue to get the messege that I need to log in and go to the forum first. Then the process just continues when I try to access after logging in. Any suggestions? I really liked and used this feature last year. TIA

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Try clearing your cookies and temporary internet files and then logging on to the site again.


If you want to know "how" to do this, post what browser you are currently using, and I'm sure that someone will be quick to reply.




The quick way...


In FireFox, Click on Tools --> Clear Private Data, choose Cookies and Cache and Click the Clear Private Data button

In IE, Click on Tools --> Options. Then, click on the Delete Cookies and Delete Files Buttons


Please let us know if this method works for you.



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The Shopping List says that it is under construction. I have been working hard on it and have it all organized. Please tell me when that feature will be back up and open for use.

When it's available, that message will be gone.

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