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Please help me find a Christmas song


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When I was a little girl we had a 45 that had a song called "Morris the Moose" on the other side was "the marvelous little toy" I wanted to share it with my little girl last year and my mother can not find it anywhere. No one else I know has ever heard of it and I can't find it on ebay or anywhere. I swear it exists..it may have been a peter pan record? It is my mission this year to find it..if anyone has ever heard of this or could point me in the direction to find it please pm me. thanks so much...ok it may seem silly but if it jars anyones memory the song went......

i'm morris the moose, morris the moose that's me, i'm big and strong and I can run fast as a reindeer or anyone..but who is always left out of the fun?...me morris the moose.......


so you all think i am crazy but that is ok I would really love my daughter to love this as much as i did when I was a kid

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I don't know morris the moose, but I remember marvelous little toy. We had to sing it in music class when I was in elementary school. I was trying to sing it to my kids a few months back and I just can't remember the words.


I will do some searching and see if I can't come up with something.

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The Marvelous Toy

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

When I was just a wee little lad full of health and joy,

My father homeward came one night and gave to me a toy.

A wonder to behold, it was, with many colors bright,

And the moment I laid eyes on it it became my heart's delight.



It went "zip" when it moved and "bop" when it stopped,

And "whirr" when it stood still.

I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.


The first time that I picked it up, I had a big surprise,

For right on its bottom were two big buttons that,

Looked like big green eyes.

I first pushed one and then the other, and then I twisted its lid,

And when I set it down again, this is what it did:




It first marched left and then marched right,

And then marched under a chair.

And when l looked where it had gone, it wasn't even there.

I started to sob and my daddy laughed, for he knew that I would find,

When l turned around, my marvelous toy, chugging from behind.




Well, the years have gone by too quickly, it seems,

I have my own little boy.

And yesterday I gave to him my marvelous little toy.

His eyes nearly popped right out of his head,

And he gave a squeal of glee.

Neither one of us knows just what it is,

but he loves it, just like me.


It still goes "zip" when it moves, "bop" when it stops,

And "whirr" when it stands still.

I never knew just what it was,

And I guess I never will.

I never knew just what it was,

And I guess I never will.



A childs Christmas, you can buy it from amazon using this link

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Some of the lyrics. I am still searching for the actual song.


I'm Morris the Moose,

Morris the Moose am I

I'm big and strong and I can fly


This site has an LP for sale.





udolph’s christmas party

chris the christmas tree

morris the moose

roly poly the polar bear

here comes the rhythm band

all I want for christmas is my two front teeth

south pole calling north pole (peter & penelope penguin)

letter to santa

I hear christmas

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My family had the same 45 record when we were kids. During christmas I get our local radio station to play it, I forget who it is by originally at moment, but it was also sung by peter,paul and mary i believe when I looked it up on internet. You can get the song lyrics and i listened to it at some website last year, but I do not remember where. sorry.

It is a cute song that kids will love!!!


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  • 1 month later...

I found it!!! My fantastic ornament exchange partner sent it to me!! Thanks so much for the replies and to the wonderful person who sent me the record!!

That SO Rocks your secret ornemant exchange person took care of this for you!!!!!


It just confirms why this site rocks 4 me!....great site and caring ppl/posters!

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