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How Cold Is It Gonna Be For You?


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suburbs of Detroit Michigan:

45 high

31 low


We are due for another record high though...


70 in 1932

10 in 1972


I can always hope right? If you look at the record highs you can tell that about every 60-80 years or so a record is broken so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a record HIGH not low. Last year we came a few degrees away from breaking the record.



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For everyone complaining about how cold it is going to be, try -25 if I am lucky that day. In the past, it has been as warm as -10. That is in the interior of Alaska for BF.



Yeah well we've been kinda excited here in North Texas because the lows have been in the 40s and the highs in the 50s lately. WHOOHOO!

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