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Guest outrbanx

I just cancelled a trip to Ikea today because of bad weather.


I love this store! But, I hope they don't have any Black Friday deals. Considering I have to drive two hours to get to the closest one, it would take a big chunk out of my shopping time on BF. :)

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I don't know if they will have any BF specials, as they are such a great deal to start. Try calling them and asking if there will be anything. They may not tell you what, but at least you will know if there is anything.


motoXmom ~ They sell pretty much everything! I have gotten an entertainment center there (real nice and only $200) as well as lots of little things to use around the house. They are a Swedish company and their website is ikea.com

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Ask and ye shall receive :)


Here are some holiday specials I got from their e-mailing list. It's a little hard to pin them down, as they were formatted as a calendar. Each deal appears to be in effect for just a few days, so I'd make sure to call if you were making a special trip for one thing.


Nov 21-22 Parlhyacint quiltcover full/queen $19.99 was $39.99

Nov 23-24 Buy Stormark TV bench $59 get 2 Fragg CD holders free

Nov 25 all IKEA stores closed

Nov 26-28 IKEA/PS Livlig rocking sofa (kids) $9.99 was $34.99

Surrig chair (kids) $9.99 was $24.99

Alleby 16-pc wine glasses $9.99

Nov 29-30 Alleby large pet bed $14.99 was $29.99

Alleby small pet bed $9.99 was $19.99

Dec 1-2 buy Vika Curry desk leg 4-pk in turquoise, yellow, or pink for $20, get free Amon white tabletop, was $19

Dec 3-4 Benno CD tower in beech $29.99 was $49.99

Benno wall shelf in beech or birch $19.99 was $30

Dec 4 First 30 people dressed as a wrapped gift get a $100 gift card

Dec 5-6 Free 3-pk of Sparsam low-energy light bulbs with any lamp purchase

Dec 7-8 IKEA/PS Flitig kids bench $5.99 was $14.99

Dec 9-10 buy a plant pot, get 50% off any plant in the Greenroom

Dec 11-12 Buy Oland kids armchair in blue or red for $19.99 (was $29.99) and get matching footstool for free

Dec 13 Dress in all white, get a $10 gift card 10AM-12PM


Nov 21-Dec 13 $0.99 breakfast deal until 11AM every day


Nov 22-24 Free IKEA/PS Kontant piggy-bank when you buy a kids meal


Dec 6-Dec 10 Free Mala paper and 12 pens with every kids lunch or dinner meal




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The Ikea down here in SD is a death trap....only 1 way in & out, and they make you walk past every single item in their store before you can leave.

all ikea's are like that.


i noticed though that most "specials" would always say "not valid at SD store."


i got their specials in this past sunday's paper.

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Not quite all of the IKEAs are like that. The Chicago store is of the new, 3-story sort. It's arranged in rings, with escalators and elevators in the center.


It's actually much less user-friendly, though. To see everything, you have to walk the center ring, the outer ring, and every spoke of walkway connecting them, on each floor. There's no efficient way to do it. You'll see most of the store 2 or 3 times, and most likely realize that you missed one area you needed to visit--when you're one floor down and kitty-corner across the building from it.


The old-style blue-box IKEA rules!



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