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Plastic Laundry Hamper

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I'm looking for a plastic laundry hamper that will hold LOTS of clothes.


Something similar to this style > http://images.lowes.com/product/converted/051596/051596033774md.jpg


The one I have right now has a base of 0.75ftx1.5ft, and height of about 3.5ft. I'm looking for something nearly twice the size of that. I haven't been able to really find anything that is larger than the normal large size for most hampers.


I'm about ready just to get a 2nd hamper. :eyepoppin


I have been to KOHLS and Target with no luck...

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wow . is it for the laundry room? if so you could get a garbage can .

- No, it is for my bedroom, but I want to put all of the dirty sheets in the laundry hamper too, and with those, it needs to be like twice the current size.


I would use two laundry hampers before I think about a trash can. :eek:

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http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/Marcster2005/Smileypad/Things/smiley167.gif If you're handy, you could make something out of plywood, pegboard (for ventilation) and some 1"x3"s. Then it could be whatever size/shape you like (and be more attractive than a plastic hamper.


It might sound like it would take a long time, but how much time have you spent with fruitless searching? ;)

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Have you thought about a laundry sorter? It usually has 3 compartments for sorting.





- Smaller than what I currently have: Measures 31" x 6" x 4".


The contanier store has several - one is really large and on wheels - like a hotel laundry!

- I'm looking for something similar to the plastic style...
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