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I keep being fwd'd to my User CP inadvertently


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I click a link to a thread, thread comes up for two seconds, then BAM - it's like I've clicked on my User CP yet I haven't! It just suddenly pops up with my User CP in place of the thread I had just clicked on.


It's only happening on these forums. It doesn't matter if I am reading a thread (on any board), making a new thread, posting a reply - 90% of the time when I click to do something, it comes up for two seconds and then forwards to my User CP.


I've had this happen on both IE 6 and FireFox 1.5. No other programs are running. This isn't happening on any other web site/forum.


So is it just my PC being freaky or an issue for others?!

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I just posted this, and it posts - then fwd'd to my User CP. I clicked the back button, it shows my post, then fwd's to User CP again. I click back again, and it finally stayed here and didn't fwd.


PS I've checked the keys on my keyboard but none are stuck or anything like that either.


PPS I restarted my PC, still happening. I ran Adaware, anti-virus, even ran windows update (I am desperate, this is annoying - lol). :/


PPPS Restarted PC again, still happening. As soon as the page finishes loading, it fwd's to my User CP. Sorry to be so wordy, I just wanted to tell you I tried everything I could think of. And I even deleted my cookies/temp files, still happenin'!


PPPPS (lol - don't want to make another post) - Still happening as of noon. :/


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I just cleared out every single cookie and temp file again. I also ran two anti-viruses a bit ago, updated and ran Adaware again .. still happening.


I don't get this at all. I did dwld FireFox again last night. That's the only thing different on my system since this has started happening. But this is happening in both IE 6 and FF, so it's not an FF issue.


PS I'm tempted to video this to show you all, lol.

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Okay, here's the weird thing.. I went into my User CP, changed my title to "Test", put in my birth date (not year though) and deleted my Skype name.. hit submit, it went through okay. Now I go back into my CP and my DOB isn't there - wth?


ETA: I just changed my title to "Testtttt", put in my DOB again and hit submit. Went back into profile and my DOB is gone. And I've tried refreshing the page..


ETA again.. Has there been any change to the "forum jump" control at the bottom right hand side?! Just an idea..


Just tested out the profile "glitch" again.. I click profile under User CP and for a second my DOB is showing, then it erases it. Yet it's showing it on my profile right now?

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