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Poll: Will you shop Wal-Mart with/without Doorbusters?


To Bust Or Not On BF @ WM  

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  1. 1. To Bust Or Not On BF @ WM

    • I will still shop at WM on BF door busters or not
    • I will not shop at WM on BF with no door busters
    • I Don't shop door buster sales ever on BF

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I will still shop Wal-Mart, every year I say I won't go but I cann't resist. just love to get a good deal too much. I was hit over a 25 dollar bike and got my watch broke for some silly care bears, if people could just have a little consideration for others it wouldn't be such a nightmare. Our store is actually pretty organized they have everything wrapped in plastic but let you know where the hot items are and its not as bad as some.
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If they don't do DBs, I'll still shop at WM, I just won't be there at 4am. I'll hit the stores that are doing DBs and stop by WM on my way home for the *gag gag* "Roll Back this price $.07 and make people think they're saving big!" items.


Don't get me wrong, I love my WMSC and do probably 75% of my shopping there, but I won't be beating any doors down on the craziest day of the year to save a couple of bucks off my entire shopping cart.

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