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washer/dryer suggestions?

Mrs. Ray

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First, what kind of budget are you working with?


Second, ditto CarpeDiem, awesome set!!


Dryer reviews on epinions AND washing machine reviews on epinions if that helps any!


If you catch a sale on appliances at Sears, that may be a good bet. We've shopped there for appliances before after scouring for the best prices. Not a W&D, but other appliances anyway. :)

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My mom was VERY successful recently in buying scratch and dent from Best Buy and Conns (if you have those). She ended up buying a matching set but each piece from a different store and saved about $500. Other advice that I have heard is that you should shop for each piece separately because in many cases, the best dryer isn't matched with the best washer. What I am trying to say is that a "SET" isn't maybe always the best way to go.. that's what I learned from Consumer Reports. Have Fun!
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