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Talk to me about Vitamix.  I currently have a Ninja blender, and I've been happy with it, but maybe there's a reason I need a Vitamix. 😄


They used to have a stand at our state fair, and my mom and I would marvel at how they made peanut butter and hot soup, and chopped up the guts of a cantaloupe to make a smoothie that was pretty good.  I just couldn't justify $500 for a blender at the time.  


DH is also thinking about a countertop ice maker this time.  We make a LOT of sno-cones in the summer with our Norwalk "juicer" (that has only ever been used to make sno-cone ice lol), and he thinks it would be nice to have an ice maker closer to the juicer in the bar.  I'm not entirely convinced it's necessary but I guess if I end up with a ridiculous blender, I can't really complain LOL


What are you guys shopping for? What else do I "need" that I don't know I need? 

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If you want a powerful blender, then the Vitamix is for you. If you're happy with the Ninja and it meets your needs, look into the Vitamix to see if it is worth the $500 for you. And of course, watch "will it blend?" on youtube. 


Haven't had a chance to browse yet, since I don't really "need" anything right now. 

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