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Forum upgrade complete!


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As you can see we've updated the forum software to the latest version.


If you come across anything strange, any error messages or have questions or suggestions about the new software, feel free to post them in this thread.


Thanks 🙂

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Some new things you may or may not have noticed.


On the home page there are 3 ways to view the forum. The traditional table format, a new "cards" interface (along with awesome stock photos) and a "fluid" format which shows threads from all forums on one page sorted by new with various filtering options. There are 3 little icons at the top of the forum listing to go between these options.


We suggest you upload a new avatar / profile photo. The new forum software supports higher quality avatars, so consider switching to a new one (or uploading a better quality version of your existing one). Also update your profile with things like your location, social media and anything else you'd like to share. Some of these settings were lost in the upgrade so you might have to add them back.


You can also set up your notifications for each type of alert. You can customize them so some will send you emails, others will notify you on the forum, etc.


The new forum software is fully responsive so it works great on your phone. You can add a web app to your phone's home screen and even get mobile notifications using that web app.


There is a new Leaderboard page where you can see stats about posts and "reputation" (basically the "likes" and the other reactions received).


Speaking of reactions, there are new reactions you can give a post. There's the old standby "Like" but also others like "Haha", "Love", "+1" and more. To see them (and give them out) click or hover over the thumbs up on the right of each post. Please use these so others know their contributions are being appreciated.


The forum search should be much, much improved over the older version.


We've also brought back the "Today's Birthdays" list at the bottom of the home page. Anyone who has posted on the board will get their birthday shown if you have it set up to be shown publicly.

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Increased the resolution for profile photos (avatars) for those of you in the GDers group (5+ posts), so if you have a old one that looks pixelated (especially on high res displays) feel free to change it. You can even use animated ones. 


Also, signatures have been re-enabled for those in the GDers group as well. You might need to edit yours if something went wrong in the transfer to the new software. If you don't want to see signatures you can turn them off in your settings. Note that they don't show up on mobile devices to keep things more streamlined. 

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