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Westinghouse 19" LCD widescreen $159 @ BB


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This is only available at your local Best Buy store, here is a link for reference, specs and model number.


Is this a hot deal or should I wait until Black Friday? I'm glad that you asked.


Do you feel like waiting 4 months and freezing your #@! off standing in line for 10 hours? I didn't think so.




This is very hot for a few different reasons:

  • Under $200 for a 19" LCD widescreen, enough said.
  • This offers both analog and digital (DVI) connections, however a DVI cable is not included.
  • Available at your local BB which means instant gratification, assuming of course it's in stock.
  • No rebate hassles.
  • because RossMAN said so.
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Very tempting. Bought a 17" Viewsonic at Office Depot last weekend for $139 after rebate. $20 more for a 19" with no rebate? That's a no brainer!

What are the ViewSonic specs, does it offer DVI and is the warranty 1 or 3 years?
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I checked the BB ad, on the inside back page, it says 'unless specified, rain checks are available' or words to that effect. I guess before, my items have always been the exception, or the clerk never wanted to mess with it.


It is a computer printout as siageah said, with "Best Buy Raincheck" in big bold letters at the top. I could have paid that night, but I choose to wait for the monitor to come in.

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