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B&M Party City bargains!!!


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Went to Party City today to get stuff for my dau's bday party. Ended up spending $25.99 and the savings were $69.31!!!


Some bargains:


Discontinued platelines and accessories: 4/$1 This included napkins, plates, invitations, and even Chicken Little bubble blowers and a Fantastic Four party game!! Napkins were Hot Wheels, Shark Tale, Blues Clues, American Idol, and others. I got plates in bridal shower to use around the house.


50% off the racks of individual novelties. We got jelly rings for 7 cents, whistles for 27 cents, bubble blower guns for 27 cents, and some other things I forgot.


Also: graduation bears 5" marked down to 49 cents from $1.99!!


If you have a party city and any parties coming up you may want to check it out!!



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