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Smart Thermostat


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I have been looking at smart thermostats for a while and it seems like Ecobee is one of the best.  Several weeks ago, I found the "rebate center" on ecobee's website. 


This rebate depends on your area and is for different smart thermostats.  You will need to use Google to find your rebate as ecobee seems to have turned off that feature.

Google search "Smart Thermostat rebate (your state)" and see if you qualify.


In my area, I was able to qualify for a $50 rebate coupon usable at certain retailers.


**This allowed me to stack on to the current Black Friday deals!**


So the ecobee package I was interested in is originally $250 is on sale right now for $199.  Add in the $50 rebate coupon and I'm able to snag it for $149!


**I think the Honeywell smart thermostat that is in pretty much ALL the ads for $99 will also qualify!**


Depending on your area, it may limit you to certain models or you may need to be in a specific area.  I've seen one are with a $75 rebate.


The coupon I got is for certain retailers ONLY.  Home Depot, Lowes, and ecobee (since I had selected that one). 


If you have been considering one, please do a little bit of research and save a bit more!  YMMV


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