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Rugged Warehouse Having a 25 Percent Off all items. Found a lot of items 1.99-9.99


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I went to shopping to Rugged Warehouse. I found a lot of bargain prices between as low only 1.99-9.99 dollars.


I bought Champion active t-shirt a stunning for 4.99 plus they didn't include my 25 percent off the retail.


I bought 5 t-shirt how much did I pay for it all. Since I bought some cheap t-shirt as low 2.00 dollars I only pay for a grand total 13-14 dollars :shock: :shock:


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Can't remember how many of you are in the Va area.. But the Ruggeds in Hampton and Norfolk are closing... They are at 70% off now... Changing tomorrow. Even the Newport News store is at 70%, but that is the only one staying open.. I went to N.N. and the Hampton store and got some amazing deals... i spent a total of $50.0 and got 5 bags of stuff, from shoes to candles, baby clothes and for me and him, and lots of SHOES haha Not sure of the other stores, but know of these. Good Luck
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