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My Black Friday Shopping List Feature


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the only ads that are on there and will be on there are ads that we type up, if the ad is out and is not on there then it wont be on there, we only do the more popular and non-regional ones


This is important. We just don't have the manpower to type up every single item from every single ad. Back when we'd only post 40-50 ads each year it was easier but now with 100+ ads most years it just is too much work so we focus on the more popular stores and if a store isn't on there you can also add items from that store in the "notes" section.


If you have a specific item from a store that we haven't typed up that you absolutely have to add to your list, you can post a request here in this thread with the store, item title and page # and we should at least be able to add those specific items so you can add them to your list.

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