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Webhosting for a game clan


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i havent looked into this since i bought my webhosting (over a year ago), but my one of my clanmates for a lineage 2 clan asked me about which webhosting to go with. the clan's forums are temporarily sitting on my server, but we need to get something more permanant set up. i know they've come down in price from when addaction was the lowest, but seeing as i've been out of the tech forums for over a year now, i dont know where to start.


basic needs:



5+ gigs of transfer (preferably 8+)

500 mb of space (1 gig preferable)

easy setup and migration of phpbb 2.0.8 or newer forums.


thanks in advance

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I reccomend Idologic, and you really do get what you pay for


If you're interested, I can sell you a portion of my account for a portion of the price :)


This way you can have the quality hosting of an Idologic account with the lower pricing since you just need about 500mb. If you're interested, send me a PM, maybe we can work something out.



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heya RossMAN :)


sorry i momentarily forgot to get back to this.


(yeah, this game is *that* addicting)


anyway, i'd like to keep it around 5 dollars a month. we'll probably go with whatever domain name registrar is cheapest (looks like godaddy with a non-standard domain)


agabooga, i'm not the one fronting the bill for this. i'm reccommending a package to someone else. (i'm probably gonna be doing all the webhosting work, but it's gonna be in someone else's name, because i'm pretty much the clan newbie ;)) as such, i'd rather have her deal with the webhosting company directly incase things turn sour. sometimes it's worth a little extra to be in charge ;)

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Alright, I understand that.


Incase you're ever interested, I can offer $5 accounts, just leaving it as an open offer for anything you might need done, it is part of an Idologic.com


Godaddy and namecheap are two registrars I can reccomend :)

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