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Anyone find any Samsung 65" HDR TVs on sale Black Friday?


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I have checked all the ads and unless I missed it, none of the Black Friday deals are for a 4K HDR. All the deals on Samsung are 4K UHD, and mostly the 6 series. Most of the 6 series models are not Samsung Hub compatible, which is one of the main things I am looking for. They do have the mirror option, which helps since I am trying to integrate it with my refrigerator, but I'd prefer the HDR, Samsung Hub, and bluetooth options if I can find it. Also, I would prefer either a 7 series or better yet an 8 series. Unfortunately most Black Friday ads are a clearance to get rid of older outdated stock to make room for the new. 

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Check out BB's weekly ad for this week.....it's not the BF ad, but a whole lot more TVs on sale in it, for what that's worth.  The prices are supposed to be good the 19th-25th.




Now, there are some deals in there.  For instance, there's an LG 49" 6300 model for $329....by far the cheapest I've seen for that TV and almost cheap enough to entice me.....almost.


As for your question....


There's a Samsung 65" 8500 TV for $1499





A 65" 7000 for $1099



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