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Superstore Black Friday Episode


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This fall season NBC has been airing the second season of the comedy show, Superstore (clearly a parody of WalMart). It currently airs Thursdays at 8:30pm. Tonight's second episode, because there was two, was an episode about Black Friday. I don't know where you can watch this episode after the fact if it will be on Hulu or available On Demand via your cable/satellite provider. If you can check it out, I suggest you do so. It's been relatively funny so far. I'd also go back and check out the rest of the series if you haven't do so yet. :)

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This is actually the second season for this show. Always been pretty funny


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Edited the OP accordingly. Not sure how I made that mistake, :)


I can't stop laughing.

It had everything sex, violence, steeling toys from children, vomiting...

Oh yeah black friday.

That $h!t was funny.



Love the part at the beginning where the dude in line was like, "I'll give you $40 if you hold one of them 60" TVs for me."

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