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Gaming laptop

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Biggest thing to keep in mind, is that it should have dedicated graphics. Memory is important, but can be added if needed. Also an SSD would be nice, at the very least a hybrid drive. SSDs are faster.

The last one I bought for one son was right under $1000. But the other two were less. One I had to buy in the spring, and was able to find on sale for about $700, I think at staples. The first one was a display model that was being clearanced out, so we got super lucky on that one.

So I would start looking now... A couple years ago when I was last looking I started seeing good sales about this time.

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What is it you want to spend? As Bluebear said if you're wanting to game on it then dedicated graphics is a must for any of the newer FPS type of games. The APU type chips have gotten better but they still aren't near on par. Now the down side of that is that these machines usually cost more. So if you can give us some input on what you want to spend, what size screen is needed and such we can give some input on machines that would be good.

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