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Harbor Freight Black Friday Ad Posted


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...Which may also be in store tonight. Temperatures forecasted to drop below freezing, but I doubt we'll end up with any precipitation as it's moving out this afternoon.

That's crazy. Not quite that cold here yet.

Unless you live in GA....where the first snowfall might only happen once every couple years.... ;)

Ya I lived in FL for 18 years. No snow there lol

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DH found what he wants for Christmas. Anyone ever get the wire welder? Think it'd still be there on Saturday? I probably have to work BF morning. :(


I haven't experienced HF but once on BF and it was semi-busy but I think they had a bigger ad back then. There's really not much in here that blows you away in terms of price. Honestly, the welder price is $87.99 right now (only $3 more than the BF advertised price), so if you want to save yourself some hassle and worry that it'll be gone I'd go ahead and buy it now.


Here's the link

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