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Secret Santa 2015 Official Discussion Thread


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Ok, looks like everyone has sent except one and that with good reason. And it is with many tossed mugs of bamboo nog that the Firm regretfully informs me that elf duty was required. That has been taken care of, however, and everyone has packages on the way. The lists will be posted, as usual, on Christmas Day.


In the meantime, please keep posting as you receive even if you'll wait to open your packages.

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Ok, looks like everyone has sent except one and that with good reason. And it is with many tossed mugs of bamboo nog that the Firm regretfully informs me that elf duty was required. That has been taken care of, however, and everyone has packages on the way. The lists will be posted, as usual, on Christmas Day.


In the meantime, please keep posting as you receive even if you'll wait to open your packages.


Doh! Sorry we had to turn to the elves once again, but very glad there are willing elves to step in. Looking forward to the lists! :)

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Mom is still waiting as of this morning.   (But that's OK because it gives her something to do!)


Helper elves were required?  and you didn't call me??   I have my frying pan and rolling pin ready!  :wife:    :fryingpan


 Shall I pull out the big guns and get the SPAM?!?  :spamdance

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  ok i didnt last long at all.. thank you to my SS!! i got santa salt and pepper shakers.( how amazing as i sent snow man ones to my ss as part of her gift too:), and thought they were so cool!! now i have santa ones!! and i got work pout gloves.a foldable canteen and 2 bookmarks..GetAttachment.aspx?tnail=0&messageId=ea2

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Thank you to my OE!! I love the Hallmark snowman ornament ( I got the 2014 last year but I hadn't bought this years yet! yea)  The towel is too funny! Thanks for the lifesavers ...love them. A special thank you for the cardinal!! My grandmother loved cardinals and Christmas  since her passing every time I see one I think of her..so its perfect to have my own!! Thank you Thank you!!



Ok so I couldn't wait anymore to open my SS. I opened it to four wrapped gifts! What fun :)  I let my 4 younger daughters each open one :) 

Thank you so much for the lifesavers ( you can never have too many!)   The melted snowman ornament is too cute!! My daughter thought it was awesome!

Now a great big Thank you for the Snowman Light Globe!! My daughters played with for the longest time! It is so cool!! I am super excited about it!!


Thank you both very much!!!

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Here's my goodies, one cute Christmas tree Wax warmer. 2 6pc meltable candles. 1 very cute Snow man

Christmas tree ornament & 1 cute ChristmS stocking jewelry pin.


Thank you to my SS for my goodies. I've never had a candle wax warmer

So this gift will come in handy just fine. I'm hanging my new ornament in my tree tonight

& im wearing the pin to my work Christmas party. Thank you thank you so much. God bless you & your family this year & the new year !!!!!


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Ok, so I didn't make it until Christmas lol.  Thank you to my SS and OE!!!  I love everything!  My OE gave me star wars ornaments, a Godiva mug with chocolates and cocoa and a Chic-fil-a gift card.  My SS got me a super soft blanket that's my favorite color, mukluks (I was just looking at those the other day), a box of candy, a snowflake glass mug with cocoa and a yankee candle (didn't quite make it in one piece despite great packaging, but I think I can salvage it). Thank you so much!!  :lolrun:  :lolrun:  :woot2:  :gdclap:  :gd_purple 

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This is Reinholt1 posting for mom.  (Mom is 85 years old.)    Mom received her package last evening and was very very happy.  She snatched it from me quickly and went tot he couch to open it.  She was surprised at all the packages inside...."It's just like a Christmas stocking!  It's stuffed with packages!"





Oh geez....she found chocolate.  She already telling me  "It's mine!"





Mom got Snickers candy, Vanilla hand lotion, red nail polish, a peacock emery board, a hair brush, socks, mittens, snowman tissue, a Chihuahua mystery book and a snowman bandanna.  She kept saying  "This is terrific!  That is terrific!   I can use all these things."  (Indeed, she just got out of the hospital having had a hip replacement and she was asking for things like a bandanna and an emery board and socks.)




Indeed, secret santa if you don't believe me that she was excited about getting socks from you...here she is wearing the socks my 2014 secret santa (NovemberDiva) gave me last year and she stole from me!  (She is wearing a lot of socks and footies right now as she recovers.)




Mom says to say "thank you very much" to her secret santa and to tell you that you are an excellent shopper.






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Now it is my turn to thank my secret santa!!  Yippee!


My secret santa also did an excellent job!  I asked for (and received) some local food goodies (from southern IL)  that mom and I can't wait to try out!  I received Country Bob's a;; purpose sauce and 2 packages of Louie's Italian Beef Seasoning.  (Can be used in a slow cooker..yay!)  Mom and I can't wait to try those!


And Reese's peanut butter cups....yum!  (And it's the 1 chocolate my mom won't eat.  She is sick of peanut butter and won't touch it...heh heh heh.)  And some hot chocolate mix....also safe from mom as she doesn't drink hot chocolate.


And for my nerd-y side...a puzzle book.  Yay!  (Something else mom won't touch as she doesn't like to stretch her brain and do stuff that makes her think.)  And 2 pens from the University of Carbondale for my puzzle book.  (I guess I had better not make any mistakes.....)   And the funny thing is ..... I know where Carbondale is!  A good friend of mine from seminary is from there!  :D


And, finally,  ::sigh:: slipper socks. 

Well....I did manage to get a picture of them before Mom claimed them for herself.   (Mom:  "These are mine.  Afterall,  I am the one who had (hip replacement) surgery!")


Thanks again secret santa!  You rock!   Can't wait to hit the kitchen after the holidays!



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Yay !!! Glad everybody got their goodies

I would like to thank Pogiporkchop for a job well done & the firm for always standing by ready

To take action. Again thank you to my SS !!

I would like to wish every one a very Merry Christmas with many blessings & a peaceful joyous

New Year !!!!


I second this! Thank you Pogiporkchop! I'm so glad I participated this year! Thank you again to my SS as well!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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OK, here are the lists... I hope everyone has received their packages.


2015 Ornament List


Racerfan gives to Bopeep

Bopeep – hockeyfanamo

Hockeyfanamo – hillbillyswife

Hillbillyswife – Mandy4Matt

Nafcmf – mgmckny

Mandy4Matt – jesusluvu

Mgmckny – princez916

Jesusluvu – Tracy0504

Tracy0504 – katyloveshockey

Princez916 – willandmel

Megara211 – lilquiet

Katyloveshockey – racerfan

Willandmel – nafcmf

Lilquiet – Megara211

BFAddict716 – frugalnotcheap

Frugalnotcheap – BFAddict716 (no tracking number submitted but pkg. received before elf was assigned)




2015 Secret Santa List


Ytmomof4 gives to racerfan

Racerfan – Cassgurlie04

Bopeep – nafcmf

Hockeyfanamo – queenkishaa

Queenkishaa – momlori

Hillbillyswife – ytmomof4

Momlori – tyreejames

Tyreejames – mgmckny

Gatorburg – msyves

Msyves – stevierocks

Nafcmf – gatorburg

Mgmckny – Megara211

Illinoismom – Pepper_Mint_Tea

Spice9195 – jesusluvu

Stevierocks – HanShotFirst

Jesusluvu – tinkrbel

Tracy0504 – willandmel

Tinkrbel – LainieB

Ilikefree – frugalnotcheap

Princez916 – Katyloveshockey

Megara211 – Illinoismom

Reinholt1 – Bopeep

Reinholt1sMom – hillbillyswife

HanShotFirst – hockeyfanamo

LainieB – raven20_79

Katyloveshockey – Tracy0504

Willandmel – lilquiet

Pepper_Mint_Tea – Reinholt1sMom (after racerfan already played elf)

Raven20_79 – Reinholt1

Cassgurlie04 – Spice9195

Lilquiet – ilikefree

Frugalnotcheap – princez916  (Reinholt1 played elf because no tracking number was given... but pkg. was received)


Also, I felt jendeere (who had to withdraw) needed some extra holiday cheer so wittenlover (who just missed the deadline) stepped up to take care of it.  And in return Bopeep and momlori took care of her so she received  as well as gave.  So thank you to the elves who were called to duty, and to those who volunteered.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone...


There will be a change to the exchanges for next year.  I'm going to make note of it now so I don't forget.  Happy holidays to all and see you next year! 

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Thank you once again for running the exchanges pogiporkchop! I know it must be a lot of work and I want you to know we really appreciate you (and the ShiShis!!!) being willing to run it. Many thanks to the elves that took care of me. I received one package before I left for my dad's that I opened this morning.... A Michigan Wolverine plush - a big one! I think he might be useful as a pillow, too. Not sure, but he looks the part. Ha!


Looking forward to my return home tonight and (hopefully) another package waiting. If it's in my apartment office, I won't be able to pick it up until tomorrow, as they're closed for Christmas (and would be closed even if it was a normal day by the time I arrive this evening).


Merry Christmas all! :holiday10

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I had to withdraw this year, thankfully the names hadn't been drawn yet.  Sweet Pogiporkchop arranged for me to have a secret santa anyway, and boy was that a special surprise.  wittenlover, thank you so much for the amazing package, you truly outdid yourself.  It not only made my day, it made my whole season!  My teen and I both got cozy blankets, I got an awesome John Deere travel cup, some treats & hot chocolate, and she even included some goodies for my pets!  :gdhug1:

And thank you to those who sent cards, that was really sweet of you!  I was so confused at first, I was receiving cards from people I had never heard of-and then someone included their gottadeal user name :)

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I NEED to thank JesusLuvU for ALL the amazing gifts...We didn't get back home til after 8pm when we then had to wait for my brother to get off his phone to open family gifts so I decided to open a few work gifts and my SS gift. I started with all the little packets and then was very amused when I get to envelope last and it clearly states open last, I was very glad I had NOT torn into it first :)


Pics will follow but I did not want to seem ungreatful because I'm anything BUT. Each of these seemed pretty much perfectly selected for us, dog treats for Trina, toys for Bella, my favorite chocolates, hot cocoa to destress at work, candles to brighten up the house, socks for me to lounge around the house in, socks to wear with with my Christmas outfits for the rest of my visits this weekend and the photography course to top it all off. Who knows, maybe better technique/knowledge combined with my love of animals and patience in watching them could turn into a new much loved career....


I was a little overwhelmed while opening the gifts and the groupon in the Christmas card brought tears to my eyes....Thank you a million times over! :)


We received:


The awesome gift box

2 Dog treats (a raw hide and a filled one(peanut butter, I think))- confiscated for Trina

2 Dog squeak toys (blue reindeer and a red light bulb)- confiscated for Bella

2 starbucks drinks (marshmallow hot cocoa and peppermint hot cocoa)

2 DairyMilk Caramello King or Family bars....one of my ALL TIME favorite chocolates

2 delicious candles (sugared pecan and apple cider)

1 pair of Christmas Yorkie socks

1 pair of fuzzy cozy socks (blue with snowman)

1 beautiful Christmas Card (w/ Portuguese on the front-we just emailed our family there or Christmas wishes)

1 Groupon for a photography course- I always wanted to do one but wasn't quite ready when I took as a teen


OK, we've got box before open, open with gifts, Bella sulking because I told her to stay away as I opened (she's a little thief), gifts before envelope, gifts with envelope then Trina with rawhide and Bella with Toy.



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