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Now is the time to buy a coat! (I got some incredible deals at Kohls!)


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Up to 80% off! And, I'm sure these types of prices are not exclusive to Kohl's:


I bought a "Fall-weight" casual jacket with hood and tons of pockets that was originally $80.00 for $18.00!!!


I also bought a new Winter coat that was originally $140.00 for $28.00!



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You all should check out fashion bug....I got a $109.99 coat for $17.59 it is heavy and had a hood i just love it. I also got my mother-of-the-bride dress(wedding is labor day weekend) I even paid full price for it coz it was so nice. they had all yellow tags 60% off !!! gooo shoppping!!!!!
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I wish we had a Kohls locally. I need a new coat. I'll be checking all the stores in the coming days though. I hope I can find something I like. We do have a couple Fashion Bugs, so I'll definitely be checking that out.


Congrats on the deals! :2elephant

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