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Site That Rates Cameras?


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There is another site that I have used dpreview.com. This site has forums as well so you can check on what people are saying about the cameras. There are also links on this site to get you to others. Steve's digicams is one of these links that I have found helpful.
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Imaging-Resource.com on the left click Find the Best Camera For You


Or I can save you the hassle of finding the best $200 digital camera:


Canon PowerShot A520 for around $159

Canon PowerShot A610 for $204.25

@ Dell.com after 25% off coupon 2HZK625XTSZTSX and $20 off coupon code.

These coupons may have expired already.




Has anyone seen any deals on Canons lately?

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Incredible site! I used it just a month ago to decide, ended up getting the canon SD400


They have sample pics taken with each camera, and if the camera can record videos, those are on there too!


(there were a few videos, that seemed to be missing large portions of the file, really bad skipping in the video i.e. the sd400, but I can tell you it takes amazing video for a sub $300 digicam.)


http://www.steves-digicams.com/ forgot to mention, forums, buyers guide etc.


Wal-mart here just yesterday got the ok to mark down around 18 deleted digicams 20% !!

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