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Robinson's May etc closings

USC Becca

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The Federated Department Stores and May Department Stores are merging and a bunch of stores are going to be closed as a result, see if yours is one of them (mine was :( ): http://money.cnn.com/2005/07/28/news/fortune500/federated_macys/table.html




So it occured to me I should post the deal part:


At the RM near me, the entire store is 20-40% off the lowest ticketed price (many things are clearance priced), including things that don't normally ever go on sale, though I'm not sure about the cosmetics stuff. An employee told me that they're closing in March and are supposed to sell everything in the store before then, so I would expect stuff to keep going down in price.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the stores are closing, all sales are final, so there are no returns!

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I didn't personally spend time in those areas, but I was told the entire store must go, so I'm sure those parts must be included. Note, however, that I was at a RM, so if yours is a different store, that may be different as well.


what about purses and stuff?

my dh is looking for dress shoes for work...hmmmm may have to head over there soon. thanks!

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Foley's, which was bought by them, closed a store in my area last year, and all the cosmetics were moved before anything went on sale. I think comestics are bought back by the companies so they always be a certain price sorta like price fixing I suppose. I have never seen cosmetics go on sale by more than a few $$s.


What suprises me is the age of some of these stores. Some date back to 1967. If its been around that long, why not keep it? And a store opened in 2004? Give it a chance.

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i went over the weekend, and my bf picked up a seiko watched for 40% off - not bad. it's cheaper on ebay or other random online stores if he really looked, but he got to try it on in person and made a faster decision.


i wanted to go back again. is it REALLY their last week?!

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bump - things are now "up to" 60% off


oh, and a commercial advertising this said that rugs are fine jewelry are "leased departments" and so not included, but I'm still not sure about cosmetics. Alwayst thought those were "leased" as well

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