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k-mart blue light


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suppposedly it is after they do inventory and on weekends.. the one time i caught it ... was a Sun. nite around 10 or so .. Actually it was after the Sears friends and family nite.. I made out incredibly... I got juice Box (the kids toy kinda like hit clips) for 3.00 and i got the computer adapter for it for 5.00 ... Now they are selling (on clearance) for over 20.. I just wish i knew some sort of schedule, as the nearest k-mart is almost half an hour away..
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I almost always seem to catch them on sundays. Although I totally think it varies. Because the one 20 minutes north of me always does them and the one 20 minutes south never does them, but then they never have any clearance stuff, or if they do its half what the other store has. I love their blue light specials I got the Bratz limo 2 years ago for $10 at one when it was still $60 at TRU!



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I dont know about you guys but our Kmarts around here (about 20-30 minutes apart or so) are always so run down and dirty looking.


I will go there on BF and TG but it isnt a store i go to weekly. Sometimes they have great deals.


I caught the blue light once- it is this huge thing in the middle of an asile on the ceiling and flashes, kindda cool! lol

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