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What Were the Stores Like Where You Were Shopping?


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I went out around 9pm Thursday. I wasn't going to go at all, but DS fell asleep early so I was able to. Kohl's was a DREAM! Got a good parking spot, found a carriage, and got everything I went in for. By the time I got into line, there were only 3 people in front of me. It was wonderful! I poked around Wal-Mart after. I wasn't looking for any doorbusters, but I had no problems navigating the aisles and I walked right up to a register when I was done. It was busy but not crowded, if that makes sense. I was shocked! Friday morning I got to Target around 11am for the gift card deal. Again, walked right up to a register. There was a longer line at Starbucks! I went to Barnes and Noble next and got a TON of signed books. I was surprised they had so many left. I didn't wait long in that line either. Best Buy was the worst. They were so packed and had a much longer line than I expected for 2pm. I only wanted a few Blu-Rays and they still had what I needed. I peaked into Old Navy later on in the day (6:30pm maybe) and the line was CRAZY! It probably would have taken over a half hour to get through.


I feel sad that I'll never be first in line when a store opens, but I did like not being in a huge crowd this year.

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