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When to expect your favorite store's Black Friday ad to be leaked...


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Just took the data from the past 5 years including when the ad was leaked and what day Black Friday fell on for some of the more popular stores.

Based on these numbers and this year's Black Friday date (November 28th), here is the "average" day you can expect these ads this year:

Sears - 11/6
Gander Mountain - 11/7

Kohl's - 11/9

CVS Pharmacy - 11/10

Bass Pro Shops - 11/10

Kmart - 11/12
Lowe's - 11/12
Sam's Club - 11/12
Walgreens - 11/12
JCPenney - 11/12
Target - 11/12
Best Buy - 11/13

Toys R Us - 11/13

Sports Authority - 11/13

Walmart - 11/14
Old Navy - 11/14

Office Depot - 11/14

Staples - 11/14
Meijer - 11/15
Menard's - 11/15
Home Depot - 11/16
Dick's Sporting Goods - 11/17

Black Friday - 11/28


Of course you can go back 8 years to see the leaked dates for many stores here:



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Of course you may remember that last year we had a crazy 36-hour period that saw ads from Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Kohl's, Sears, Kmart, Sam's Club, Home Depot and many others all released right after each other. I expect something similar this year around November 10-11, so be prepared...

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Still a couple weeks away for the next one. :(


Maybe instead of competing to see who can open first they should compete on when their ad gets put out first.


These are just some of the bigger and more popular stores. We should have some new ads this week.

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I'm waiting for target, Walgreens and Walmart. It'll be awhile before I see them.


Do you remember if Walgreens thanksgiving day ad comes out same day as their bf ad? Or is it the same ad for both days. For some reason I cannot remember!!

If I'm not mistaken it's all one ad...but u can look @ last years ad on here to be sure...

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