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Target Toy Catalog


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This was their email response to me:


Thanks for asking about receiving a Toy catalog from Target. Currently, I don’t have any information on Toy catalog release. Below I have given some other ways you can receive special promotions and offers.


At Target, we use a variety of methods for determining mailing lists. Here are a couple of easy things you can do to be sure to receive information on special offers from Target:

  1. Visit www.target.com and sign up for exclusive e-mail and text message offers and news.
    • For e-mail, scroll to the bottom of the page to email exclusives and click sign up for email.
    • For text message, type mobile coupons into search box.
  1. Apply for a REDcard to receive special bill inserts or direct mail.

We appreciate hearing about ways you’re interest in our catalogs and promotions! Thanks for getting in touch





Target.com Guest Services

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Those are some pretty sweet coupons! I imagine the catalog will be in our mailboxes next week sometime.


What would be really awesome is if the BF ad got leaked around then too and you would know if it's a better deal to buy now or wait a few weeks. *wishful thinking*

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wonder if we can request one if we didnt get one in the mail? not sure why i havent received one. Im a target red card holder, and shop there weekly..with 2 targets within 10 min from me come on peeps! That is the first store that I always go to on BF

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