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Annual Request for Black Friday Site Help


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It's that time where we start looking for volunteers for various Black Friday-related tasks on the site. Below you'll find some descriptions of things that we will need help with.

If you want to help out, please PM me and let me know which of the items below you'd be interested in helping with along with any related experience/skills you may have. If you've helped in the past, let me know as well.

To make things easier, we have 2 jobs that we need help with:

Ad Linking: We'll need several people to help link the thousands of Black Friday ad items to the product pages on the store web sites. This involves looking at the BF ad and searching for the same item on that store's web site and pasting that link in a special form. You basically just need to know how to search a store's site using either the item number (if the ad shows it) or the product's name and then copy and paste.

Ad Posting: We'll need several people with excellent availability (primarily during the first 3 weeks of November including early mornings and nights) and who have above-average typing skills. You'll be taking the scans of the ads and typing up each item in the ad, selecting the appropriate category, entering price/rebate info, etc... This one requires a little more work but you'll get to see some ads before anyone else if you can do these things.

To make things easier so we don't have more than one person doing the same work, we'll set up a private forum for the helpers to get together, so if you are chosen you'll get access to that forum where we'll assign tasks and post updates. You won't be alone or feel overwhelmed - we'll hopefully once again have a small army of volunteers this year.

These are volunteer positions, but you will be rewarded for your time and efforts at the end of the year. Those of you who helped with this the last few years would be very welcome to help again as you all have done a great job.

So again, if you feel you could do one or both of these things, send me a PM. If you have any questions, you can PM me as well.

Thanks :D

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