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Secret Santa 2014 Official Discussion Thread


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Merry Christmas everyone. 


Thank you to my OE person for my cute Hello Kitty ornament. 



I thought a box that came for me was my SS gift.  Upon opening it i realized it was a gift for my mom I ordered on ebay. doh http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y142/candyrain/20141221_124104_zpsd9392edb.jpg :gdblush:


I didn't open my real gift till this morning.  Thank you so much to my SS person.  I received a candy cane pencil, two purse sized Bath and Body Works lotions, an air freshener for my car.  (my car was totaled on 12/2 so it's my first air freshener in my new car.) a pair of socks, and some mini candy canes.  All of them were broken but one. I blame myself for shaking the box.  :blush:


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Bet you all thought I forgot about posting the lists!  Someone finally got off the computer so here they are:


Ornament Exchange


Tracypa26  gave to sbaldasare

Princez916 gave to tracypa26

Hockeyfanamo  –  jesusluvu

Bopeep  –  jendeere

Nafcmf  –  robertmorr1999

Jesusluvu  –  lilquiet

Racerfan  –  Mandy4Matt

Lis415529  –  swampbaby

Willandmel  –  lis415529

Jendeere  –  racerfan

Sbaldasare  –  Pepper_Mint_Tea

Robertmorr1999  –  princez916

Swampbaby  –  Bopeep

Mandy4Matt  –  frugalnotcheap

Bfaddict716  –  hillbillyswife

Pepper_Mint_Tea  –  Bfaddict716

Frugalnotcheap  –  hockeyfanamo

Lilquiet  –  willandmel

Hillbillyswife  -  nafcmf




Secret Santa


Bopeep  gave to  msyves

Reinholt1smom  -  Pepper_Mint_Tea

Hillbillyswife  –  Reinholt1smom

Gatorburg  –  nafcmf

Lis415529  –  princez916

Msyves  –  npg

Jendeere  –  Bopeep

Robertmorr1999  –  wittenlover

Momlori  –  raven20_79

Spice9195  –  tracypa26

Sbaldasare  –  queenkishaa

Racerfan  –  hockeyfanamo

Reinholt1  –  robertmorr1999

Illinoismom  –  sbaldasare

Ytmomof4  -  lilquiet

Lilquiet  –  jesusluvu

Stevierocks  –  jendeere

Kash  -  frugalnotcheap

Princez916  –  NovemberDiva

Tyreejames  –  lis415529

Frugalnotcheap  –  whynot0224

Queenkishaa  –  hillbillyswife

Misstaken did not give to racerfan but Pepper_Mint_Tea, Reinholt1 and Chief Elf did

Nafcmf  –  mistaken

Npg  –  tyreejames

Raven20_79  –  Spice9195

Willandmel  –  gatorburg

Wittenlover  –  willandmel

Hockeyfanamo  –  stevierocks

NovemberDiva  –  Reinholt1

Pepper_Mint_Tea  –  momlori

Whynot0224  –  ytmomof4

Jesusluvu  –  Illinoismom

Tracypa26  -  Kash


As you can see ShiShi, ShiShi and ShiShi are sad to report that elves were needed.  The call was made not once, but TWICE as I had cancelled the first elf call after getting a promise to mail (yes, there was a valid excuse for being late) and it wasn't delivered upon.  Thank you to momlori, Bopeep and wittenlover for stepping up the first time around; it is good to know so many are willing to step up and go the extra mile.


The Firm would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and will see you again next fall (yes, I will be hosting again - look for the thread to start mid-September) with an expanded workforce!  In the meantime suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

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Thank you so much, Bopeep for my cute ornaments! And thank you Stevierocks for my fun ss gifts :)  Merry Christmas everyone!

You are very welcome, I enjoyed it!  And thank YOU for my SS gifts. I loved it all, and the towels and pot holders have seen a lot of use already :).



Also, Thank you again to Swampbaby for my ornaments!  They looked great on my tree.

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No. I chose not to take part this year because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to afford it after having spent over $500 on DD's gear for taekwondo. It was a smart choice as I still ended up having to purchase a new dress uniform after the fact. I like to put a lot of thought into my packages also, so taking a break was a good thing. I didn't give out my address for cards for the same reason, because I wouldn't be able to return the favor if I was sent something.


It's all good, though. I still had fun hosting.

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::Standing up on the back of Santa's Sleigh::   HELLO?!?  HELLO?!?!  IS THIS ON!?!?


Recently appointed Sleigh Elf Number #13, junior, junior grade here!!!


Having just made Santa's Sleigh team for the first time this year,  I'm putting the call out to any elf wanna be's out there!


Seems to me Chief Elf had nothing for herself under her tree this year.  And I know she did take the time to send some gifts out.    Now I personally know that she is not hard to please...she is a transplant from Michigan and anything that reminds her of home makes her happy.   I myself sent her a bunch of empty Meijer plastic shopping bags last Christmas which made her giggle with delight. 


Now, we are all gathered here for one reason!  We like a good bargain!  And there are lots of Christmas bargains out there to be had right now!  So if any of you wanna be elves want to send the Chief Elf a little stocking stuffer or an ornament  (for you ornament exchange people) email me and I'll give you the info you need.  Christmas lasts for 12 days, which means we have until January 6th to send her the best holiday clearance bargain we can find to fill Chief Elf's Christmas stocking.

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It wasn't planned that way. The draw was completely random - one name from each of two containers drawn at the same time. Next year remind me to make sure you two aren't paired together again!

I just thought it was funny. I just kept thinking "man, that sounds familiar." I wouldn't care if I got the same person every year.

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