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Scare the crap out of your kids for $14.97


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Oh my gosh, too funny! Did you read the reviews? I love this one:



great googly moogly, January 6, 2006

Reviewer: C. Haan - See all my reviews


I had the pleasure of encountering a toilet monstor over the holidays. I came home from a drunken escapade and found my self getting sick on the way up the stairs to my bedroom. I felt the gurgle of puke start to come up so I high tailed it to the john. As I lifted the toilet cover the vomit was already on its way out. I shut my eyes as the vomit spued out of my mouth and nose. After 10 seconds of a solid stream of beer/peanuts/chili mix, I opened my eyes to this f*#king thing looking at me like "RAAAAAARRRRRRRR" with vomit all over him. Seriously, the vomit made this even more scarier. I had to throw this one out but we ended up buying another.

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Thats good if you never want your children to go to the bathroom by themselves ever again. Also I wouldnt recommend it to any parents of children who are starting to potty train, even if it would make for a funny video!

I was thinking the same thing, you saved me the typing!!! lol
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That is hilarious!


My dad once bought a huge cryptkeeper (from tales from the crypt) at Spencers-it would move and talk and was motion activated. We would take turns putting this thing in each other's rooms or the bathrooms. My Dad is a big macho manly type...he screamed like a woman when it was in his shower!


Think it might be time for another practical joke...

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