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Official Photo Prints Deals, Codes & Discount Offers Thread


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Did anyone else have trouble downloading to Winkflash???

It will start my download (of 80 prints) and then stop and nothing will go into my album. It has happened twice now :(


do you have dial -up?? if not try not to upload all at one time .. I'm sure there site is busy!! just try again.. I had the same happen to me.. ir did word after second try ..

Good Luck

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This was the best deal for me yet! I love pics and I got a total of about 200 in the mail today from the different places posted and only paid maybe $8.00 in all ! Now I'm gonna get started on these awesome new premade scrapbooks that were bought for me at ( BJ's Club?) kinda like a Sam's Club in MD. They were only 2 for $20 and the best I've found on the web is 1 for $18 free ship. So if you have that store you can check there.



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20 free prints for existing customers too!


20 free prints

In our excitement to present this offer, we neglected to realize the error in the expiration date. Rest assured, you've got plenty of time to redeem your 20 Free 4x6" prints coupon, which is good thru 2/6/06. Simply paste the coupon code THANKS2005 when prompted at checkout.



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Jenny where & how did you get your siggy ? it's great !!

Thanks! I get bored alot,lol. I got it from this link:




There are about 12 pages of boys and girls names in different styles. I right clicked and saved mine then uploaded it to photobucket.com(love it!), copied the IMG link in the box under the uploaded pic and pasted the IMG link on my signature page on here under userCP! Hope that helped!

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