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After rebates, pd $10.04 for all of this @ Walgreens


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I bought the following today at Walgreens.

My cost AFTER REBATE is $10.04 I saved OVER $44.49!


Here's what I got:

  • 3-12 packs Pepsi
  • 2 bags Dorittos
  • 1 bag Lays
  • 4 boxes Quaker Granola Bars
  • 3 bottles Gatorade
  • 1 box Tropicana OJ
  • 3 bags Munchies
  • 3 packs of 60 Always Pantiliners
  • 1 Oral B CrossAction Toothbrush

I am just flabbergasted at how much I got! This is my first MAJOR Walgreen Rebate, plus did the Pepsi/Lays mfg rebate. Yabba Dabba Doo!

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That is an AWESOME DEAL! Are they instant rebates or do you mail them in or send them in on the computer or what?

They are all Mail In Rebates. Here are is the nitty gritty low down on them:

All are found in the Walgreens EasySaver booklet, unless noted.


# 5 -Oral B CrossAction Toothbrush FREE after rebate

Purchase one. (rebate limit up to $4.49)


# 6 -FREE $10 Walgreens Gift Card

When you purchase $10 of Always/Tampax/Tampax Pearl products at Walgreens or walgreens.com (limit 1. 10% bonus does not apply)


#46 -$10 Walgreens Gift Card

Buy $20 of: Rold Gold Pretzels 10-15oz./Frito Lay Munchies 7.25-7.75oz./Baked Lays 10-12.5oz./Quaker Oats 18oz./Quaker Instant Oatmeal 14.2-15oz./Quaker Granola Bars 10-12.6oz./Gatorade 24oz./Propel Water 23.7oz./Tropicana Orange Juice 64oz./Aquafina Water 6-pack

(limit 1. 10% does not apply. ALSO NOTE: The granola bars are on sale for $1.99 and the Orange Juice is on sale 2/$5, and I think the water is on sale but don't remember the price)


#45 -$10 Rebate - Walgreens

Buy 3 12-packs or 8 2-liters of Pepsi products AND 3 Frito Lay Snackes 9.5oz or Larger, get $10

(limit 1.)


Also on the packs of Pepsi (and possibly online somewhere) there is a peel off Mail In Rebate for $10 - mfg

Buy 3-12 packs or 2-24 packs or 8-2liters of Pepsi products AND 3 Frito Lay chips or jars/cans of salsa or dip

(limit 1. This one ends 2/8/06. And BIG NOTE you HAVE to mail in the form along with the CRT and the UPC's from all the products you bought)


Basically I get all the Pepsi and the Lays chips I bought for FREE after rebates.

So for the last rebate I will just HAVE to make the kids eat chips alot! :rotflol:

Also, if you don't already know, for the Pepsi/Lays rebates with Walgreens and the mfg one you have to send in the original CRT. The manager at my Walgreens saw both rebates and then he typed up a Replacement Receipt and made a notation on it and stamped/signed it. He said to mail that one into Walgreens and the original good one to the mfg.


I hope this helps someone, you know me taking the super long time and all the HARD work I put into typing this up. :rotflol:j/k


Questions, ask and I will TRY to answer.

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