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Looking for the impossible...I'm sure


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In search of a place (online or off) to get an ipod shuffle for under $80. I thought I saw a few places around Christmas that had them listed for $79.99 but can't find them now. Can anyone tell me where to find one? THANKS!

I may be late responding, but definately take a look at www.craigslist.org and choose the city closest to you. I'm sure they probably have them on there. My local Craigslist has them:



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I'm not sure if this is still valid. I'm trying to decide whether or not to pursue it myself. Free Ipod shuffle from Charles Schwab with approved Visa card ap. Here it is though:




I did a similiar deal but it was for a $150 VISA gift card which I received after my first purchase.


However the OP appears to be in Canada and therefore may not be eligible for this promo.

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