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lots of online deals at various websites at GEICO PRIVILEGES w/out a membership fee!


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I don't see this posted anywhere on this forum... However, I just read about this awesome offer on the dealer finder forum where someone was looking for deals on movie theater tickets... At the below link you can log in and sign up for FREE membership to geico privileges (YOU DON'T have to be insured by GEICO - I'm not!). Anyway, you sign up and then click on the link to VIEW ALLL SAVINGS, you will find numerous on-line website savings. I was able to get movie tickets to AMC for $6 per ticket (as opposed to $8 that I pay now), as well as save 10% -15% on various other websites, and a coupon for 10% off at Payless shoes, etc... Check it out!! Only caveat is that you can't sign up if an Ohio resident!




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