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Kids Digital Camera Help

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This summer my daughter turned 8, and we bought her the Kodak c300 digital camera... It is VERY easy to operate, has an LCD screen and even a small zoom lens. The pictures come out very well. This is SO much better than developing prints of the floor, blank walls, etc... I think she is learning about photography because of the instant gratification of seeing the pictures immediately :)



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Here's an article pertaining to digital cameras for children:



Basically, it recommends you avoid any character digital cameras as well as any pricier models for the children. Instead, it says you should pick up a CVS disposable digital camera that includes the screen, and the option to delete images.


If you feel your child is responsible enough to care for a camera, Canon and Sony make base-models of their PowerShot and CyberShot cameras that retail for about $149.99. Of course, with GottaDeal, you can find them for less than the retail price ;)

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i have been looking for a while too. i think it was office max or it may be office depot,has a nice one for 29.00 can't think of the name but i think it would be good for a kid learning not too expensive and if they break it you aren't out too much guess not they must have discontinued them. either place doesn't have them anymore. i can't even think of the name
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