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Fun Game while We Wait on the Ads...


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Here is a fun game we can all play while waiting on the BIG ads to be released...

The title of a Christmas song will be given and the next person has to take the LAST Letter of the song title and name a song that STARTS with that letter... then the next person has to do the same from the last song title listed.
Here is an example: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer - so the next person would have to name a song title that starts with R - such as Rockin around the Christmas Tree...
I'll start off with: Oh, Come all Ye Faithful...
Next person must name a title that starts with the letter L
*NEW add suggestion from Reinholt1
"I am seeing a lot of duplicates on this list. You know, when I would play this game in the car with my Youth group, when we would hit a letter that we had clearly exhausted, we would all agree to use the second to last letter. So if we are out of "E"'s then let's use the letter before it.

So we can now do it either way. :)

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