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Comp USA Cost+5% Sale


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There might be some good deals on some items. CompUSA prices are normally not very good unless you like to play the russian roulette rebate games. :mad:


Read the fine print on the offer --- it looks like you will have to go to the cash register to find out what the prices are. Maybe they'll have a register set aside for price inquiries ???


Since I'm in the market for a digicam, I think I'll cruise by there tonite and check it out.


Daz is correct. Some of their items have mark ups of 50% or more.

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I want to believe this will be a good sale, but after the midnight madness sale the night before Thanksgiving, I don't know if I can let myself believe it :(

The best advice when shopping at CompUSA is :


1. Know the REAL market prices before you go into the store.

2. Keep your wallet (or purse) safely secured.

3. If you see the dreaded words "After Rebate", please refer to #1 & #2 above. :D


Yes, the last midnight madness sale was a :egg: .

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It is not all items. The only items that "qualify" are items that have little profit anyway. Computers, printers, monitors have less than 10% margin most of the time anyway. The things that have the most margin are cables, and accessories, and those are only 10% off. That $20 printer cable only cost $2.90 to the store where as that $200 printer cost $175. The company I work for used to have a corporate agreement with Compusa for 10% over cost so I know. The sale in my area is only 7% over cost as I heard the ad over the radio the other day. The only item I see is home entertainment that you might see savings on, but my store does not sell TVS or stereos.
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